Barrel Work


           Good accuracy greatly depends on having a quality barrel properly installed.  Great pains are taken to insure that you get the best possible accuracy from your selected barrel.  To start with, all barrel work is done in a four jaw independent chuck, indicated in to within .0001”.  Our reamers are fitted with a complete size range removable pilots.  Only a perfect pilot to bore fit  guarantees a concentric chatter free throat.  The crown of each barrel is cut with a razor sharp tool then polished and honed for the perfect bullet release  We have tight neck reamers along with short and standard length throats for almost all common target cartridges and we are getting more all the time. 

           We install barrels from a variety of manufactures from both pre-contoured blanks and unturned blanks.  These prices only include polishing and finishing of the new barrel.  We can refinish the entire firearm for an additional fee.  This service is priced on request. We can obtain barrels from any manufacturer if you have a favorite that’s not mentioned below.


   Standard Contoured Barrels installed on your action.

Bartlein Stainless Steel Match grade barrel


Brux Chrome Moly Match Barrel


Brux Stainless Steel Match grade barrel


Krieger Chrome Moly Match Grade Barrel


Krieger Stainless Match Grade Barrel


Shilen Match Grade Chrome Moly


Shilen Match Grade Stainless Steel


Shilen Select Match Stainless Steel (Shilen's best barrel)  


Hart Stainless Steel Match Grade Barrel



  Custom and non-standard options, add to the above prices.

Any non-standard round contour 


Flute any round barrel, maximum barrel length is 28 inches and maximum flute length is 19 inches.( Click here for details)


Special throating on a new barrel that we install, add


Miscellaneous barreling services available.

Blue print Remington 700 action


Barrel cryo treatment, includes shipping to and from cryo center, removal and reinstallation.


Cut and crown


Special throating on customers existing barrel.  This includes removal and reinstallation


Change cartridge where no thread alterations are required


Change cartridge including cutting new threads,  requiring setting back barrel

without indexing for sights


with indexing for sights