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Trigger gaurd bedding blocks for Remington 700s
Stock drilling jig for Remington 700s
Stock Drilling jig rental
Piloted Counterbore
Fumed Silica
Mold release wax


Remington 700 Trigger Guard Bedding Blocks



 No more damaged finish trying to remove the factory trigger guard from a bedded stock.  No more trying to clean epoxy and mold release from the rough surface of a factory trigger guard.  Our bedding blocks leave the bedded surface of your stock looking as if it just came out of a precision mold.  Because these trigger guards are made extra tall you never have to worry about the factory trigger guard being slightly below the stock’s finished surface and what to do with the epoxy that runs over the top. 

  $195.00 Complete set Remington 700 Long and short action BDL and Remington 700 ADL

 $85.00  Remington 700 BDL Long action only
$85.00  Remington 700 BDL Short action only
$19.95 Remington 700 ADL long or short action

Pillar Drilling jig for Remington 700

For Purchase or Rental


$239.95   for the complete set for 700 LA, SA ADL and BDL.
$134.95   for specific models such as 700 ADL short action
$48.00 for 5 day rental
It has never been easier to drill a Remington 700 stock to accommodate bedding pillars than with our Pillar Drilling Jig. You no longer need a milling machine or even a drill press. Hardened steel drill guide bushings are held in place by a round bar the same diameter as a Remington 700 receiver. This bar is accurately positioned on the top of the stock’s inletting using a special guide pin that pilots off of either the front or rear trigger guard screw hole. The top bar with the drill bushings are held firmly in position by a screw passing thru the top bar and into a special platform machined to fit the bottom of the stock. Once the drill jig is firmly in position the hardened drill bushing will not allow the special drill bit supplied with each kit to wonder from the correct path. It takes literally seconds to accurately drill any Remington 700 stock to accept bedding pillars using only a hand drill.



Click here to view a 12.5 Megabyte Video of the stock drilling jig in action

Drill Jig Rental

What you are Renting.

Drill jig rentals are for 5 full business days.  The cost is $48 plus our standard $9.00 shipping and handling per order.  Each stock drilling jig rented ships with every thing need to drill all Remington 700s or any Remington 40X, long action, short action, ADL and BDL.  It also ships with a freshly sharpened premium twist drill ground specifically for use with the drill jig.  The drill jig ships in a Pelican hard case with a special compartment for each drill jig component.  Also shipping with the drill jig is a pre-paid UPS shipping label for return shipping.


How the Rental works.

Using your Visa or MasterCard you can request a drill jig rental ether on line or by phone.  At that time a hold on funds for $319.95 will be placed on your credit card for the value of the drill jig ($239.95) and the Pelican case ($80.00).  You will receive an e-mail from UPS with your tracking number when the drill jig ships.  When you receive the package containing the drill jig we will receive an e-mail from UPS.  The five day rental starts the next full day.  When you are finished with the drill jig simply affix the label provided and present it to any UPS shipper or UPS driver.  At that time UPS will enter the package into their tracking system and we will receive an email indicating the day and date of the return.  There will be an additional $7.50 per day added to the original rental price for each day after 5 business days.  Once we receive the drill jig back and it is examined to see if it is complete and in good condition your credit card will be charged for the rental charge and the funds on hold will be released.

Click here for Questions and answers on Drill jig rentals

Piloted counter bores: $57.95


When boring the stock to accept the aluminum pillars it is easy to get good results every time when using a piloted counterbore.  There are 2 sizes available 9/16 diameter for boring the stocks of Winchesters and Howas and 5/8 diameter for all Remingtons.  To best fit the holes of the trigger guard screws each counterbore comes with 2 pilots, 9/32 and 5/16 diameters.




The best method of thickening epoxy by far is through the use of Fumed Silica.  There are times when bedding a stock that you need the epoxy to stay exactly where you put it.  Fumed silica can be added to Pro-Bed 2000 to such an extent to make the epoxy as thick as dough with absolutely no negative effects on the finished product.  The thixotropic properties of the Fumed Silica allow for ease of mixing with the epoxy.




Mold Release Wax, 1 Pint can $16.95
The mold release agent can make or break a bedding job. Our mold release is a high grade parting compound designed for the composite industry.  It is a Carnauba based wax that is applied and then buffed to a sheen similar to waxing a car.  It is the best product that we have found for this application. When the aerospace industry makes carbon fiber wings and other composite parts they use this stuff to depart their molds.





We are proud to have our products available from the following distributors



Brownell's distributes our: Benchrest Followers Bedding blocks and Stock drilling jigs


Midway USA distributes our: Benchrest Followers, Adjustable Pillar Bedding Kits and Pro-Bed 2000 bedding epoxy


Sinclair distributes our Benchrest Followers and Adjustable Pillar Bedding Kits.


Kinneman's Custom Products distributes our: Benchrest Followers, Adjustable Pillar Bedding Kits and 
Pro-Bed 2000 Bedding epoxy


Russ Haydon's  distributes our Benchrest Followers


Graf and Sons distributes our Benchrest followers


Muzzleloader Builders supply Distributes Pro-Bed 2000


Accurate Action distributes all of our products in Canada



Heinz Henke distributes our Benchrest Followers