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Tactical Rifles                                                                                    See Tactical Rifles

Badger Bolt Knob installed                                                                $60.00 plus the knob

Machine Stock for Detachable magazine style bottom metal.               $75.00 for most stocks

Precision scope Mounting                                                                   $45.00

Gun Kote finish                                                                                   $225.00

CeraKote Finish                                                                                 $225.00

Score High Tactical Muzzle Brake                                                      $179.00

Thread barrel of  for Muzzle Brake                                                     $75.00

Install Tactical style stock                                                                  See stock work

Fit New Custom Barrel                                                                     See barrel work

Standard model Quick Disconnect Comb hardware                            $85.00

Deluxe Model Quick Disconnect Comb Hardware                             $125.00


NOR-CAL   Memorial Day weekend 2009


Quick Disconnect Comb Hardware for
McMillan Thumbwheel Adjustable combs.

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The McMillan family of synthetic stocks, are among the finest stocks in the world and our replacement comb hardware will makes those stocks even better.  The difficulty with the original hardware is the time consuming and tedious task of comb removal necessary to extract the bolt of the rifle.  Not only is the comb cumbersome to remove but it has no feature to facilitate returning the comb to your custom, finely tuned position.  Score High Gunsmithing has developed replacement hardware that addresses all those issues and more.  Simply loosen each thumb screw approximately revolution loosening the vise like clamp and lift the comb straight off the stock.  The standard model has an adjustable stop screw accessible when the comb is removed so that the comb is returned exactly to its custom position every time.  The deluxe model uses a thumbwheel similar looking to the original but it is used only to adjust the stop screw and is not attached to the comb.

 Standard Quick Disconnect hardware
Internal threaded stop



 Deluxe Quick Disconnect Hardware
Thumbwheel adjustable stop



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