The H-S Precision stock is by far the most stock you can get for the money.  Each H-S Precision stock has an  aluminum bedding block manufactured directly into it.  This block provides rigidity to the stock and serves as a pillar supporting the pressure of the trigger guard screws.  Unfortunately  this one size fits all approach stops short of achieving your rifles ultimate accuracy.  The bedding block only supports the action along two narrow  strips on each side very similar to a "V" block.  This leaves the very bottom  unsupported.  Most of the time this is easily observed if you remove the barreled action from the stock and look at the bottom of the action  you will find a pressure/rub mark along each side. 


When the screws are tightened it deforms the action and induces stress in the assembly.  Guard screw torque becomes an aggravating issue directly effecting accuracy. 

By filling all of the voids with a high compressive strength bedding epoxy you will have a perfect fit between the action and the bedding block.  Once properly bedded, guard screw torque is not critical, several inch pounds one way or the other will have no effect on accuracy or point of impact.