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Celebrating our 25th year in business.
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Each situation is different in its needs and goals. That's why we build a variety of different rifles all specially built to do the job as only the right tool can. Keeping these needs in mind along with the latest technology is how we build each rifle.

The proof is in rifles that shoot . Why is it that some people can consistently build rifles that out perform those of the competition? It's no accident. It comes from hard work, experience and a desire to achieve unparalleled perfection. The goal is simple, build rifles that are capable of extreme accuracy. Whether the temperature is a scorching 105 or a cold to the bone -40. Dry desert or tropical rain forest. This can only be achieved with the highest quality materials the best equipment and the best people.

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We are proud to have our products available from the following distributors



Brownell's distributes our: Benchrest Followers Bedding blocks and Stock drilling jigs


Midway USA distributes our: Benchrest Followers, Adjustable Pillar Bedding Kits and Pro-Bed 2000 bedding epoxy and Stock Drilling jigs and an assortment of other supplies.


Sinclair distributes our Benchrest Followers and Adjustable Pillar Bedding Kits.


Kinneman's Custom Products distributes our: Benchrest Followers, Adjustable Pillar Bedding Kits and 
Pro-Bed 2000 Bedding epoxy


Russ Haydon's  distributes our Benchrest Followers


Graf and Sons distributes our Benchrest followers


Muzzleloader Builders supply Distributes Pro-Bed 2000

Treebone Carving
Distributes our Pro-Bed 2000


Accurate Action distributes all of our products in Canada




ESP Distributes Almost all of our Products



Heinz Henke distributes our Benchrest Followers